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Starts With Us empowers the 87% of Americans frustrated with extreme political and cultural divisions with the skills to engage across our differences and move our country forward. Sign up for inspiring stories, practical tips, and ways to take action.

We Are The
We Are The

Are you part of the 87%

of Americans who are tired of how politically and culturally divided we are?

Starts With Us is a movement to empower millions of Americans just like you — tired of our culture of contempt and energized to foster critical thinking and constructive communication across our lines of difference.

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Assess Your Polarization Level

Based on decades of research from Columbia University Professor and Starts With Us Expert-in-Residence Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D., the Finding The Way Out Challenge is designed to help shape new habits and norms for political tolerance and courageous compassion. Think of it as a personalized boot camp for building a healthier national culture and repairing broken relationships across differences.

Better Daily Habits with the 3Cs


Sharpen the way you consume information to elevate your thinking: question your assumptions, seek a diversity of viewpoints, dig past partisan talking points, and embrace that there’s always more to learn.


Strengthen your empathy muscle to become a more influential communicator: be an active listener, anchor conversations in common ground, and embrace the complex humanity in other people no matter how deeply you disagree.


It’s a fact: world-class leaders know how to disagree better. Elevate your comfort with the discomfort of disagreement and become a skilled negotiator capable of working beside anyone in your personal, professional, and civic life to solve our toughest challenges.

In Good Company

This movement is powered by people and partnership. Meet the 200+ Movement Partners coming together to help shape and scale Starts With Us.

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“My husband, Muhammad Ali, lived his life connecting with people across cultures and countries with curiosity, kindness and compassion. As Muhammad demonstrated throughout his life, creating a kinder world does start with us.”

Lonnie Ali

Founder, Muhammad Ali Enterprises

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“I’m excited about the potential for Starts With Us to help people develop greater humility, curiosity, empathy, and mental flexibility.”

Adam Grant

Psychologist & Bestselling Author

A man sitting infront of a glass of wine at a table

“If we are to achieve a future of longer tables where there’s room for everyone to be part of building solutions, it will be thanks to efforts like Starts With Us.”

José Andrés

Chef & Owner, ThinkFoodGroup; Founder, World Central Kitchen

A woman with short hair smiling at the camera in front of a postered wall

“Curiosity is the antidote to contempt. And just like contempt, it can be cultivated, on purpose, in a million ways, in every medium. We just need to get to work.”

Amanda Ripley

Investigative Journalist & Bestselling Author

A man in a suit smiling at the camera

“I noticed opportunities for improvement in my life and hope Starts With Us can become a community for anyone looking to create change in theirs.”

Daniel Lubetzky

Founder, KIND Snacks

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