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Starts With Us empowers and connects the 87% of Americans frustrated with extreme political and cultural divisions with the skills to engage across our differences and move our country forward.

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March 16, 2023

Newsweek - The Media Is Over-Covering Divisiveness. It's Going to Destroy Us | Opinion


March 16, 2023



March 13, 2023

The Hill - ‘Hyper-partisan’ politicians get four times the news coverage of bipartisan colleagues


March 13, 2023

NewsNation Now - Study: ‘Hyper-partisan’ lawmakers received 4 times more media coverage


March 13, 2023

Media Post - If It Misleads, It Leads


March 13, 2023

Straight Arrow News - Study: ‘Hyper-partisan politicians’ like Greene get more press coverage


January 26, 2023

ABC Augusta - Local Living: Deke Copenhaver Joins Us to Share His Mission to Bring People Together


January 19, 2023

Forged by Trust Podcast: Be a Changemaker w/ Deke Copenhaver


January 19, 2023

The Changemaker Podcast: From Hate To Hope | Tony McAleer | The Change Maker Podcast


January 1, 2023

Alan Alda Clear+Vivid: Daniel Lubetzky: On a Mission to Spread Kindness


December 1, 2022

Augusta Good News: Former Mayor Believes Positive Change ‘Starts With Us’


November 20, 2022

Authority Magazine: Emmy Winner Kim Thai of GaneshSpace On How To Develop Mindfulness During Stressful Or Uncertain Times


November 16, 2022

Finding Direction Podcast: Changing Directions In Life Is Your Greatest Superpower with Tom Fishman


November 8, 2022

NHK Japan: Talking about Polarization


November 6, 2022

The Augusta Press: From former Mayor Deke Copenhaver: It starts with us, every day, to end polarization


November 1, 2022

Forbes: How Might Social Media Drive Compassion, Curiosity And Courage?


October 31, 2022

Surfacing Inclusive Leadership Podcast: We Are Not As Divided As The Media Would Like You To Think We Are


October 26, 2022

Digiday: Why this nonprofit is using augmented reality to cut through the divisive noise of social media


October 26, 2022

12 Geniuses Podcast: Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage in Leadership with Tom Fishman


October 21, 2022

NBC News Now: 87 Abraham Lincolns Take over Times Square


October 21, 2022

TIME: The U.S. is Heading Toward a Second Civil War. Here Is How We Avoid It


October 20, 2022

The Recount: 87 people dressed up as Abraham Lincoln have congregated in Times Square to draw attention to political polarization


October 12, 2022

Leadership & Loyalty: 2/2 Bridge-Building with Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage: Tom Fishman


October 10, 2022

Leadership & Loyalty Podcast: 1/2 Tom Fishman: it STARTS WITH US


September 29, 2022

The Hill: To end partisan gridlock, start on your own side of the aisle


September 8, 2022

BBC: Positive Thinking. A solution to polarisation?


September 6, 2022

The Change Maker Podcast: Open Minds, Kinder Hearts, Cooler Heads, Better World


August 30, 2022

Deadline: SXSW Confirms Initial Featured Speakers For 2023 Conference


August 22, 2022

WJBF (ABC Augusta): Mending the division in America: It all starts with us


August 19, 2022

Office Hours with David Meltzer: Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND Snacks on Building an Impactful Brands


June 29, 2022

Fox News: Recurring 'Shark Tank' entrepreneur Daniel Lubetzky launches movement to combat culture wars: 'Starts with Us'

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