The Movement Starts With You

Are you one of the 87% of Americans from all walks of life who sees a world beyond “us vs. them?” Are you tired of polarizing politics and endless culture wars? The power to reclaim our culture Starts With Us.

We Are The
We Are The

There’s a Better Path Forward

Our movement is founded on the beliefs that diversity of thought is a strength that leads to our most innovative ideas and that we must cooperate across our differences to solve the most pressing societal challenges of our time.

The 3Cs: Curiosity, Compassion, Courage

We can each work on the skills needed to overcome the forces that divide us — but where do we start? The 3Cs.

We all have an innate capacity for curiosity, compassion, and courage. The Starts With Us community is committed to turning the 3Cs into personal daily habits that have tremendous personal benefits:


Connect with and influence community


Repair strained relationships


See through fear-stoking media


Strengthen communication and negotiation


Sharpen critical thinking and problem solving


Feel more agency, less anxiety

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The Starts With Us Core Principles

We’re a community of problem solvers focused on rebuilding our social fabric through daily behaviors that encourage trust, goodwill, and skills that empower each of us to have productive and meaningful dialogue across differences. Inspired by or have ideas on our principles? We want to hear from you.


We believe in the transformational power of narrative storytelling to bring these principles to life and drive consensus-based solutions through better conversations, stronger communities, and smarter policy.

Three Steps to Get Started

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