Starts With Us - Meet The Team

We're on a mission to equip a majority of Americans to overcome toxic polarization and effectively solve our toughest problems.

Lori Raimondo

Program Manager

Erick Sanchez

Director, PR & Integrated Communications

Ama Adi-Dako

Associate Producer

Amelia D'Entrone

Head of Content

Matt Lewis

Digital Designer

Tori Larned

Communications Manager

Isabel Clark

Director of Operations

Sara Friedman

Director of Partnerships

Kristie Yeung

Supervising Producer

John Zhang

Head of Growth

Danielle Rugoff

Head of Movement Activation

Emory Vestal

Operations Coordinator

Sara Hilany

Senior Motion Designer

Ashley Phillips

Head of Programs

Gavin Alaoen

Creative Director

Alex Fleming

Senior Social Media Manager

Tom Fishman


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