Tools & the 3Cs Approach

The Starts With Us approach is all about habituating curiosity, compassion, and courage to foster independent thinking and constructive communication across our differences. We are investing in three pillars to advance this work:

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Bringing our values to life through digital exercises, games, mini documentaries, and more.


Leveraging technology to help people form and maintain positive relational habits.


Sparking change at the grassroots level by giving people the inspiration and tools to live these values.

The 3Cs Framework

Developed in collaboration with Greater Good Science Center and Starts With Us Expert-in-Residence Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D.

We all need the skills and tools to overcome the defining crisis of our time: the culture wars polarizing our communities, turning us against each other, and tearing the fabric of our society apart. We are all innately curious, compassionate, and courageous, but we must cultivate these values — the 3Cs — as daily habits to foster the independent thinking, free expression, and constructive communication that will enable our society to reach its full potential.

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Values Before Issues

We are not trying to change your mind, shift your stance on an issue, or make you more liberal or conservative. Practicing the 3Cs does not mean blunting your strongly held convictions or beliefs.

The Starts With Us movement is rooted in the ideas that not only can we co-exist with different beliefs, but that diversity of thought is a strength and that we can cooperate across our differences to solve our most pressing personal and social challenges through constructive dialogue and the practice of curiosity, compassion, and courage.

Our intention is simply to provide the tools to have constructive dialogue across lines of difference on the topics and issues that shape who we are, regardless of political preferences or background.

Actions to Overcome Division

By practicing the 3Cs every day, we actively create the outcomes in our personal communities that stem the trends of polarization, blind tribal loyalty, and dehumanization.

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To find a sense of belonging amidst the silent majority and to foster connections with your existing community (in-group).


Connect with others outside of your normal social settings across lines of difference with the intention of expanding your community.


Overcome past grievances and obstacles to heal a broken, harmed relationship.

Theory of Change: Individual Habits Catalyze Societal Culture Shift

An infographic showcasing how the 3Cs start with ones self, and through practice spread to one's inner circle and result in a cultural shift

Our Approach

Starts With Us’ vision is to leverage storytelling and technology, combined with leader and influencer activation, to empower people with the inspiration and tools to develop new, positive daily habits — turning the 3Cs into action at scale.


Values: The 3Cs


Daily Actions at Scale: Connect, Bridge, Repair


Resetting Norms

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Change Starts With Us

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