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Our new poll shows that a majority of Republicans and Democrats share 6 values but neither believes the other side agrees with them.

Learn more about Citizen Solutions, our initiative to empower Americans to overcome our misperceptions and co-create solutions to shared challenges.


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Starts With Us believes the seeds of the common good are planted in our common ground. We partnered with NORC to understand where common ground exists and answer an important question: in today's polarized climate, do Americans across the political spectrum share values?

The results are clear about 9 in 10 Republicans and Democrats strongly agree on the importance of six fundamental values. But there’s a twist: while there is consensus on these values, we are skeptical that the “other side” shares them. This massive gap between perception and reality presents an equally massive opportunity, and Starts With Us is taking action. 

In collaboration with Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, we are proud to announce Citizen Solutions, a new initiative that will convene Americans of diverse parties, perspectives, and experiences to  co-create solutions proposals on tough issues. The process will give Americans a chance to make their voices — and the voice of consensus — heard and help prevent the most extreme messages from dominating news cycles and policymaking. 

Why Citizen Solutions? Because our poll also revealed that 8 in 10 Democrats and Republicans believe it’s crucial for citizens to be involved in finding solutions to problems affecting our communities and country. We couldn’t agree more: it Starts With Us. 

Want to suggest an issue in your state for a Citizen Solutions dialogue? Email us here.

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