Week 4 Cooperative Change
Day 3

Complicate to Simplify

Intentionally complicate your life - introduce new viewpoints and learn to tolerate and learn from contradiction, nuance, and opposition - before you zero in on actionable decisions.

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Choose Your Lift Level

What do you have capacity for today? Whether it's a light lift, or something a little heavier, taking a step is what counts.

5 minutes

Make Three New News Frenemies

If you didn't choose this option previously, complicate your understanding of current events by locating and following three legitimate (well-intentioned, informed, and decent) sources of news and opinion that differ from you politically. Plan to turn to them whenever news breaks this week and you feel inclined to turn to your usual news sources. You can locate these sources by checking out reporting from news groups like All Sides and Flip Side.

The Science Behind It

Our news habits have a profound effect on our understanding of the world. Due to our upbringing and education, we are likely to have a few sources that we automatically turn to out of habit when we want to get information about a current event. Having a familiar source to rely on for news can be comforting. But all news programs have some editorial bias, so it is useful to intentionally change channels or websites when news breaks to seek out contrary, albeit legitimate, views on events. This is an excellent exercise for your mind and your attitude.

30 minutes
Half a day