How It Works

Getting started is easy. In just five minutes per weekday over four weeks, you can help overcome toxic polarization in your life and our country. Join thousands of Americans taking The Challenge right now.

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3 Simple Steps To Get Started

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Step 1: Set a reminder

Commit to The Challenge: one exercise per weekday for four weeks. Start by setting a reminder. We'll send you a quick email or text each day, to help you build the habit.

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Step 2: Start off easy

Each day, select one of three exercise options: easy, intermediate, or advanced. The easy exercises can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. Choose the exercise that matches your energy for the day.

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Step 3: Keep it up and spread the word!

Keep it up and encourage others to join you in The Challenge by sharing it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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Weekly Building Blocks

Each week focuses on a different skill building block to address polarization in different areas of your life.

  • Icon: A person debating different viewpoints.
    Week 1 Building Block:

    Address you own divisive habits.


  • Icon: raising a hand to participate.
    Week 2 Building Block:

    Reintroduce honesty and tolerance within your political in-group.


  • Icon: Two people climbing a mountain together.
    Week 3 Building Block:

    Overcome tension in your more politically-estranged relationships.


  • Icon: A horse and elephant overlapping representing the symbols of Democrats and Republicans.
    Week 4 Building Block:

    Mobilize together in cross-partisan groups to tackle shared concerns.


Five Skill Drills Each Week

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Getting The Most From The Challenge

We have found The Challenge is most effective when participants do the following:

  • Icon: 5 minutes on a timer.

    Start Small. Begin with easier and quicker exercises to get going.

  • Icon: Magnifying glass.

    Locate the Toxins. Start by reflecting on how polarization is damaging your life and relationships today - this helps you choose what to work on.

  • Icon: Handsdhake.

    Find a Friend. Try doing The Challenge with friends or co-workers, so that you have others to complain to and celebrate with. This is a game-changer.

  • Icon: Pie chart with a quarter denoted.

    Subtract. Think about what you could stop doing each day to make time for these activities, like unplugging from your devices for an hour. It helps!