Week 4 Cooperative Change
Day 2

Spot Positive Deviance

Now is the time to locate the groups and organizations nationwide that know how to navigate tense political divisions and who can provide you with the support often necessary to do so effectively.

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Choose Your Lift Level

What do you have capacity for today? Whether it's a light lift, or something a little heavier, taking a step is what counts.

5 minutes

Locate the Best Bridge-Building Organizations Working on Your Issue of Choice

Go to the Bridge Alliance website and identify organizations working on addressing divisions regarding your current issue of concern.

Visit The Website

The Science Behind It

The Bridge Alliance is an association of 103 organizations committed to revitalizing America through civic engagement, governance, policymaking, and campaign and election processes. Some of the top organizations in America are working to mend fences and identify common-ground solutions to some of our most pressing social challenges. Browse their website, join their movement, and then reach out to any organizations focused on your main issues of concern.

20 minutes
1 hour+
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Daily Reflection

End the day by noting how these groups might give rise to a renewed sense of efficacy and hope in our nation.