Week 3 Cross The Divide
Day 1

Stop to Reset

Before launching off into a new encounter this week, take some time to reflect, regroup, and intentionally choose and prepare for a new course of action.

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Choose Your Lift Level

What do you have capacity for today? Whether it's a light lift, or something a little heavier, taking a step is what counts.

5 minutes

Here Comes the Judge!

Complete the Blame Intensity Inventory.

Take this inventory and assess your tendency to blame. Then, either on a piece of paper or a device, note every time you notice yourself drawn to blame or judge - whatever the cause. You may be surprised by what you find.

Take The Inventory

The Science Behind It

Our addiction to blame and outrage is toxic and is a central part of the vicious cycle of polarization we are trapped in.

15 minutes
30 minutes
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Daily Reflection

End the day by reflecting on how your intentions and past experiences with your more politically-challenged relationships can set the stage for problems or new possibilities.