Week 2 Focus On Us
Day 2

Spot Positive Deviance

Now is the time to locate the people, groups, and organizations in your community who are already navigating the same tense divisions you're seeing in your in-group and who can provide advice on how to do so effectively.

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Choose Your Lift Level

What do you have capacity for today? Whether it's a light lift, or something a little heavier, taking a step is what counts.

5 minutes

Find Your Local Models

Begin by locating the people around you who are helping encourage candor within your in-group.

The Science Behind It

Often, within our families, groups, and organizations, some individuals or subgroups are already speaking up against our worst tendencies and may even encourage us to improve. Take some time to identify them and envision ways they may help promote honest conversations even more.

15 minutes
1 hour