Week 1 Focus On You
Day 3

Complicate to Simplify

Complicate your life - shift your thinking, communicating, and living habits, or at least question them. Learn to tolerate and review contradictory and oppositional information - before you zero in on decisions.

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Choose Your Lift Level

What do you have capacity for today? Whether it's a light lift, or something a little heavier, taking a step is what counts.

5 minutes

Complicate Your Social Identity

Map the many groups that make up your own social identity.

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The Science Behind It

Each of us belongs to different groups that are important to our sense of who we are (e.g., race, religion, gender, education level, sports teams, and so on). Mapping the different aspects of your social identity and how they may complement or contradict one another can help you understand how simple vs. complex your social identity is. Research has found that people with higher levels of "social identity complexity" (i.e., belong to groups that seem to contradict or hold each other in check - like being a more progressive Republican or conservative Democrat) tend to show more openness and tolerance for out-groups.

15 minutes
2 hours