Detox From the Political Polarization Trap

Overcome the toxic polarization harming your health, your relationships, and our country’s ability to thrive, starting with one short exercise a day.

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Feel like we're more divided than ever?

You're not alone: 87% of Americans are exhausted by how politically divided we are. We've designed this challenge to help you address polarization in your life, so that you can:

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Become your most effective self

Think more critically, relate with greater compassion, and develop your comfort with discomfort.

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Repair strained relationships

Reconnect with proven methods that elevate understanding and common ground.

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Help your community unite and thrive

Overcoming toxic polarization empowers us to solve our toughest problems together.

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How It Works

The Challenge is a flexible skill-building bootcamp equipping you to break the blame cycle and be a leader of constructive conflict.

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    Commit to The Challenge: One exercise a day for four weeks. Start by setting a reminder.

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    Each day, select one of three exercise options: Easy, intermediate, or advanced. The easy options can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. See the exercises.

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    Keep it up for as long as you find it useful, and encourage others to join you in The Challenge.

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What's behind The Challenge?

Based on decades of research from Columbia University professor and Starts With Us Expert-In-Residence Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D., the Polarization Detox Challenge is designed to help shape new habits and norms for political tolerance and courageous compassion. Think of it as a personalized bootcamp for building a healthier national culture, repairing broken relationships, and solving problems across differences.